Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Day with Jim Brickman: The Beautiful Soul Behind Beautiful World

World renowned pop pianist and all around great guy Jim Brickman has produced, in my opinion, one of his greatest projects to date for PBS. It’s called “Beautiful World” and is a musical celebration and collaboration that stunningly showcases the beauty of the world that Jim has absorbed through his travels across the globe. If you haven’t seen it – you must! Jim is bringing the live version of the show to the Sacramento Community Theatre February 17th … the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift!

Recently, Jim, on his own personal time, flew to Sacramento to appear live in our studio on the night “Beautiful World” made its KVIE debut. I picked Jim up at the airport and took him to dinner before our live television interview. Let me tell you - there is something truly special about Jim Brickman. He has this beautifully inspiring outlook on the world and what we as basic humans should do to make this an even more special place, lifting up others in the process. He has spent close to two decades penning and playing some of music’s most treasured moments. Songs like Valentine and The Gift were international chart toppers. CDs titled Hope, Faith, Peace and Grace dazzled crowds and concert lovers. He has sold millions of albums, and when you spend time with Jim, it’s easy to see those moving musical masterpieces come from his heart. What a calling – to live your life to lift up others in a way that only music can do. Jim does this masterfully and movingly. What is your calling? Any situation can be used to inspire.

Jim’s heartfelt dedication to inspirational television and PBS blew me away. As a child, Jim was inspired by musicians on PBS who taught him at an early age that anyone can do anything in life. PBS and KVIE is the only Northern California TV station that purely and purposely dedicates programming to the power to inspire and make this world a better place. That’s why I support PBS, not only as an employee, but financially as a member.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: KVIE is rebroadcasting Beautiful World and Jim Brickman’s interview with Rob Stewart on Saturday, December 5th.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rob on the Road - Special Airs Tonight!

KVIE is airing a Rob on the Road 30 minute special tonight, April 29th, at 7pm! The show is action packed, filled with lots of new segments and some of our favorite pieces from this season. Please tune in at 7pm on KVIE Channel 6 or watch the show online at!

We’ll take you inside a hidden treasure that’s been closed since World War II and show you the journey of the sacred stones that will become California’s oldest structure when complete. Plus, retired Kings Vlade Divac and his wife Ana open up like never before on their humanitarian efforts in Serbia. And just wait until you see what the world’s tallest dog does – while cameras are rolling! And show up hungry – we’ll show you how the famous Squeeze Inn cheese skirt is made.

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Chandler Metcalf - This dancer will move you!

I love the process of finding a story and doing my part to help bring it life. I was reading a magazine on a recent flight and saw a spread about the Sacramento Ballet children’s audition for the Nutcracker. Something in my heart told me there was a really amazing kid in this bunch. They all are - but I was looking for Chandler.

I called the public relations director and said, “I’m looking for someone who has overcome amazing odds to shine on stage.” She said, “That’s Chandler Metcalf. He has Cerebral Palsy and is a dancer in the Nutcracker.”

The Cerebral Palsy diagnosis is not why I was interested. I was interested because there are about 600 children each year involved in the Sacramento Ballet – but the one kid we discussed was Chandler. We set the shoot up for the first night of dress rehearsal.

All I had been told was that Chandler had an amazing soul and was in a wheel chair. Chandler’s mother and father brought him into the dressing room. Yes, there was the wheel chair. I saw wings. This young man reminds me of some of the inspired moments of Mattie Stepanek. Google video search Mattie’s moving story on Oprah if you don’t know who he is. Chandler has one of the best perspectives on life that I have ever seen. I can honestly tell you that his outlook on life is life altering for him, his family and anyone who meets him. It is easy to see that his passion for life is his purpose of living. Simply put – this 10 year old has a brilliant gift of looking at living in a way that sets him free from his disease.

When you watch Chandler dance you will see a young boy dancing to a beat of his own.
Watch Chandler’s story under my “Watch Video” segment. I’ll have more on Chandler in an upcoming half hour special I am working on, which will air at 7pm on Wednesday, April 29th.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Attacking Attaxia

I once heard someone ask the question – “How do you respond to your reality?”
It’s a question the young man you’re about to meet is answering in a most beautiful and inspiring way.

Kyle Bryant has Friedreich’s Ataxia, a fatal disease that breaks down the nervous system, heart and brain. I was blown away when I met Kyle. His energy is infectious and his attitude is all about gratitude. In the midst of a fatal illness, Kyle has found a reason for living big.

Kyle’s body is deteriorating every day, but his spirit it getting stronger and stronger. How? It’s because of his response to his own reality. Instead of letting this disease attack his life’s purpose … Kyle has made his purpose in life attacking this disease.

This is where the Ride Ataxia event rolls in. On March 16, 2009, Kyle and hundreds of his cycling teammates will take a four day adventure from Portland to Seattle to raise money to help search for a cure. This is the third year Kyle has embarked on such a remarkable journey, and to date, Kyle has raised more than $350,000. Raising funds to fight this disease has become Kyle’s purpose in life. It’s what drives him to live in the solution, not the problem. With a devastating diagnosis like Ataxia, it would be easy to live in “dis-ease.” Not Kyle, he’s rolling on! Mile by mile, Kyle is living to put the breaks on a deadly disease.

So in the spirit of Kyle – how do you respond to your reality? There are a zillion circumstances for our own realities. Yours may be the result of disease or life choices. But your response is more important than your reality. It’s your response that can change how you see your reality – and set you free.

For more on Kyle’s amazing story and the Ride Ataxia III, log on to

Mayor On The Move

There is no other man more on the move in Sacramento than Mayor Kevin Johnson. No matter your political preference, you can’t deny the fact that the Sacramento Mayor does not idle for long. When we met up with the mayor at his loft at 6:30am he had already been up for more than two hours. Oh, and did I mention that he had already jogged 4 miles? I thought it was a big deal to get up at 7am and let my dog out the door and crawl back in bed.

We spent the next 6 hours with the mayor and flat out wore me out. It was a morning of non stop action. He doesn’t walk, he sprints. Every where we went people stopped Mayor Johnson wanting to talk, share ideas, shake hands or get an autograph. What impressed me so much was the fact that the mayor never got off topic of pushing his purpose for Sacramento.

Mayor Johnson says he can make Sacramento a world class city – but he can’t do it alone. Johnson says this is where all Sacramentans come in. Each will play just as big a role as he will in making Sacramento a destination city. It appears Johnson is bringing his team mentality from the basketball court to City Hall!

So get involved. Volunteer somewhere. Break your routine by putting some time into your community. Help a senior who needs a little break. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to make an impact. They are everywhere you look. Everyone is filled with great talent and ideas. So share them! It is by your actions that you will make a difference in your city and in yourself. And hey – the worst case scenario is – it’ll keep you on the move!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Welcome to Rob on the Road!

KVIE goes more local than ever before! Our new series, Rob on the Road, brings a fresh new experience on the places and people that make the Central Valley your home. KVIE’s Rob Stewart brings you the stories that capture the spirit of what makes California great! These are the stories that matter and move you. You won’t just learn about what surrounds you, you’ll experience it a brand new way!

Experience Rob on the Road. A new experience for KVIE – a new experience for you!