Monday, January 26, 2009

Mayor On The Move

There is no other man more on the move in Sacramento than Mayor Kevin Johnson. No matter your political preference, you can’t deny the fact that the Sacramento Mayor does not idle for long. When we met up with the mayor at his loft at 6:30am he had already been up for more than two hours. Oh, and did I mention that he had already jogged 4 miles? I thought it was a big deal to get up at 7am and let my dog out the door and crawl back in bed.

We spent the next 6 hours with the mayor and flat out wore me out. It was a morning of non stop action. He doesn’t walk, he sprints. Every where we went people stopped Mayor Johnson wanting to talk, share ideas, shake hands or get an autograph. What impressed me so much was the fact that the mayor never got off topic of pushing his purpose for Sacramento.

Mayor Johnson says he can make Sacramento a world class city – but he can’t do it alone. Johnson says this is where all Sacramentans come in. Each will play just as big a role as he will in making Sacramento a destination city. It appears Johnson is bringing his team mentality from the basketball court to City Hall!

So get involved. Volunteer somewhere. Break your routine by putting some time into your community. Help a senior who needs a little break. Keep your eyes open for opportunities to make an impact. They are everywhere you look. Everyone is filled with great talent and ideas. So share them! It is by your actions that you will make a difference in your city and in yourself. And hey – the worst case scenario is – it’ll keep you on the move!


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